the birthday day

Friday 18 September 2015

Today is my 50th birthday and the reason we are here in Krabi. I did not want to be at work, sitting at my desk and talking on the phone. I also did not want to be home where I was threatened by my children with a birthday party. I just want the day to pass quietly without getting much attention.

After breakfast we walked to Ao Nang Beach at a leisurely pace doing some window shopping along the way.  The beach looks a lot different today than it did back on Monday – today there is no visibility and we aren’t able to see the limestone formations that I know are out there.

Compare Monday …


to today



We stayed at the beach for a  little while trying to see out and watching the waves coming in



Yes, it was raining a little too


The public bus to Krabi Town – sometimes there will be a van like this and other times there will be an actual bus





Might as well take it easy while waiting for a fare


I decided that for a birthday treat we would have some Haagen Daaz which was expensive but very delicious


A little while later after leaving Haagen Daaz and returning to our shopping, there was a young Thai woman on the footpath looking for customers so off I went for a manicure and pedicure. I came out an hour or so later with purple finger nails and purple toe nails.

There are several restaurants along the beach front and we went into a restaurant serving Italian food and pizza. While waiting for our lunch to arrive a street parade went past which looked like it was sponsored by Holiday Inn Resort. How nice of them to organise a parade especially for my birthday.


Lunch – pizza and cocktails – what could be better?



Later, back at the hotel we made our daily swim to the pool bar. Today our lovely bartender had a little birthday treat for me.


And of course the day wouldn’t be complete without a cocktail at the pool bar




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