the Ao Nang day

Monday 14 September 2015

Last night when we arrived it was already dark and we didn’t get a chance to have a good look around. We are staying at the Srisuksant Resort in a large, pool access room and breakfast is included in the price.

They like owls



The restaurant is right by the pool


Our room has pool access – as well as having a normal entry way the room also has a glass sliding door leading to a small patio area directly by the pool. And the best part? The pool has a bar. Think of it – we can come in our room, put on our bathers, walk out the back door, into the pool and swim to the bar!






A tsunami warning tower right outside the hotel. There are tsunami warnings and warning towers all over this area since the tsunami tragedy in 2004.


We had breakfast and afterwards we left to explore Ao Nang Beach. We are slightly out of the tourist beach area which is a 10-15 minute walk or an easy two minute taxi ride. At this time of year the weather is humid and rainy, though when it rains it is a bit of a relief from the humidity.

First we walked across the road from the hotel to check out the ocean there.




This is where the river meets the ocean and these boats will go in here and “park” up


We started our walk into the town area crossing the bridge


The boats on the river, the ocean in the background – at high tide, about 9:15am



Please don’t throw garbage at this sign. I would go further and say don’t throw garbage.



We could have had a quick two minute ride to the town area but walking is a better way to explore


We walked past many shops, restaurant and market stalls, many of which were not open yet as it was too early. I did buy a waterproof bag that can protect valuable likes a phone or camera while at the beach or around water which you can wear like a back pack.



The beach in Ao Nang Beach town. Nice enough but we have way better beaches at home! What I am looking forward to is a longboat ride to some of the nearby islands.






From here you can see some limestone formations in the ocean


A bit further down there is this paved road which only leads to a few hotels and resorts


We walked down here for a little way, the beach is a little better here and there is also a better view of the limestone cliff



For some reason I bought a cheap selfie stick in one of these shops. I practically never used it except to test it out.



On the walk back to the hotel I was checking the prices for the islands tours. Pretty much every shop or every second shop were selling these tours and they were pretty much all the same price. We did end up choosing one and will be doing the tour tomorrow.

Once back at the hotel we got into our bathers, jumped in the pool and headed to the bar and ordered a drink. We also ordered lunch which was made in the restaurant and brought to us at the bar.

In the afternoon we rested in our room and later we went to find a restaurant for dinner. On the walk there we crossed the river  and saw the longboats, this time at low tide – a big difference from this morning







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