the not much of anything day

Friday 2 December 2016

I didn’t do much today.

I slept in a little bit.

I went to Starbucks near my hotel to get coffee and another hunk of lemon sponge cake.


Then it was back to the hotel to do my washing. The second floor has a communal area with a lounge, kitchenette, washers and dryers.

I spent a couple of hours there doing the washing and sitting with my iPad transferring photos from my memory card and updating my Facebook.

Once the washing was done I went out about 1:00pm to a restaurant across from the hotel and had Philly cheese steak and chips and salad for lunch. Tasted pretty good.

I didn’t quite feel like going back to the hotel so I decided to take a ride on the Powell-Mason cable car as that is the only one I haven’t been on yet.

Going past Union Square


The Powell-Mason was probably the least exciting of the three lines but at least I have now been on all three.

The other end of the line is at Bay and Taylor where I got off and walked to the car at the front of the line to take it back to Powell Street.

There was quite a line up of cable cars, I count five here.


I went back to the hotel and vegged out for the rest of the afternoon. After the last few days I really needed this rest day, specially as K and I are going away for the weekend.

The plan for the night was to go to K’s house after she finished work, eat our left over Ramen from last night and then she would come back with me to my hotel and stay the night as we have an early start tomorrow morning.

I didn’t actually get to her house and we never got to eat that left over Ramen. There was an issue with the public transport so I didn’t go there but she came to the hotel and we ordered Japanese from Kisu via UberEats. It was yummo.

We watched TV for a while, Facetimed the family back home and eventually went to sleep.

Tomorrow morning we have a 6:20am pickup for a weekend trip to Yosemite National Park.






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