the say goodbye to Darwin day

Wednesday 2 March 2016

It’s only been a few short days but it’s already time to leave Darwin and head home. I have to be back at work tomorrow but it was so good having a break. We started by day by having a lazy coffee and breakfast at the Coffee Club.

There is not a lot on the agenda today, we are just going to have a look at the Darwin World War II oil storage tunnels and then get ready for the trip home. The storage tunnels are only about 200 metres from the hotel so it didn’t take us long to get there. There was a guy manning the entrance and taking the entry fee which was only about $8 each.


This was where we entered


We walked down the tunnel until we reached a control room


In the control room there was a sculpture made of crashed World War II planes and a bombed ship in Darwin harbour.Through that little window at the back is one of the storage tunnels.


Tunnel 6




Down another walkway to Tunnel 5


Tunnel 5




At the other end of Tunnel 5


On the walls of Tunnel 5 there were pictures depicting the history of Darwin, there was also a timeline of the history of Darwin, which was all very interesting to look at and read about.

The way out was they same way we came in. When we left the tunnels we got talking to the guy at the entrance for a while. He was also selling some little trinkets with the proceeds going to Legacy. I quite like the keyrings made out of the old currency pennies. If you are lucky you can get one from the year of your birth. Unfortunately for me they didn’t make and currency in the year of my birth due to the switchover from pounds to dollars just a few months after I was born. Instead I chose the keyring make from the oldest coin that was there, from 1920. I love it, I think it’s cute.



We returned to the hotel to pack and we checked out just before 11.00am. We waited in the hotel lobby for our pickup to the airport, arriving there earlier than we needed to be for our flight.


We boarded the plane and our seats were behind the second exit row. Peter was on the window, I was in the middle and another guy on the aisle seat. They closed the doors and I could see the plane was only half full with whole rows empty up ahead of us.

We took off and as always, I love taking photos out of the plane window.

Taking off from Darwin





As soon as the seatbelt signs were off the guy on the aisle bolted out of his seat and made his way to an empty row. I wasn’t far behind him but as soon as I tried to get out of the row, my knee snapped and I screamed out. I promptly sat back down again and eld my knee. I told Peter, “my knee snapped”. After the initial shock wore off I went and found that empty row in front of the exit row.

I was having difficulty with my knee so ended up putting my leg up on the row for the whole flight with my handbag underneath, supporting my knee. When I went to the toilet later in the flight, I was limping and couldn’t straighten my leg. I was a little concerned.

However, it didn’t stop me looking out the window and taking photos. These are over the north of Western Australia.





Approaching Perth Airport, you can see the runway in the second photo



I limped off the plane and made it all the way through the airport and to the car. It wasn’t easy and I was in pain but I did it. Not a good way to end a great few days away.

PS, I went to the doctor the next day, had a CT on my knee and the report said “at least high grace ACL tear”. As I write this almost 12 months later I still have issues with my knee at times. But I don’t let it stop me doing things – I hike Diamond Head crater on our Hawaii trip just two months later, and climbed the Story Bridge in Brisbane a month after that.

I would like to go back to Darwin and visit more places, and explore more of the Northern Territory than just Darwin. On my bucket list is to do The Ghan from Adelaide up to Darwin but that train ride is quite expensive.

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