the going to Darwin day

Saturday 27 February 2016

We are heading to Darwin today for a quick anniversary getaway. We will be away for just five days (four nights) and I have a few things on the to-do list as I have never been to Darwin before. Our original anniversary plans were to be on a Hawaiian cruise but the cruise was cancelled as the ship was going into dry dock. So though the cruise had to be postponed until May we managed to be able to grab a few days off work and go to Darwin.

Screen Shot 2016-10-10 at 19.36.48

The flight was at 11.30 but our daughter dropped us off at the airport very early as she had to go to work. After checking in and dropping our bags off we went to get coffee. We had plenty of time and after a while headed to security and then the departure gate. We were the first ones there for our flight so picked a seat near some power points so we could use our phones and keep them charged up.

During this waiting time I checked my emails, made a call and committed to having our kitchen completely gutted and renovated. Over the phone I put a paid a smallish deposit and then felt excited that the kitchen was finally going to go ahead in a few very short months. Then it was back to thinking about the upcoming trip.

This was our small plane to Darwin and if you look closely you can see the taller buildings of the city near the light pole


Our flight was due to leave at 11.30 but left about 45 minutes later. This photo of the Swan River was taken not long after take off


Coming in to Darwin




The flight to Darwin is only about three hours and with the one-and-a-half hour time difference we landed about 5.00pm. It didn’t take that long to get off the plane and get our luggage, then head over to the Avis desk to pick up our rental car. Using Google maps on our phones we left the airport and drove to our hotel in the harbour area of the city.

Driving past the fishing boat harbour




We checked into the hotel and I went to our room while Peter parked the car in the car park. It was a decent room with a view of the waterfront. This area has several restaurants, bars and coffee shops so we felt like we made a good choice with the hotel.


The view from our window


After a little while we went out to explore the waterfront area and find something to eat





Looking back at the hotel



The harbour area in front of the hotel. This is the harbour where the cruise ships dock though I didn’t take any photos of that part of the harbour.




After the sun set we went to one of the restaurants and had dinner. It was nice but I thought it was a little pricey for what we got. Then it was back to the hotel for an early-ish night as I wanted to up early and out in the morning. I had a big day planned.



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