the leaving day

Wednesday 1 June 2016 to Thursday 2 June 2016

Our early morning pickup to the airport was booked for 5.30am. I can’t remember what time we woke up but I know that I wouldn’t have been happy unless I was ready and waiting for the pickup by 5.15am. We packed the last minute things in our suitcases and made our way to reception to check out, then headed out to the front of the hotel to wait.

It’s sad knowing that in a few hours we would be leaving Hawaii behind and our holiday would almost be over. I am sure going to miss this view too


We made it to Kahului airport with plenty of time to spare, we checked in and made our way to our departure gate. There was a Starbucks there and I would have loved a coffee but the line was very, very long and I hate waiting in lines. Peter went and got us some breakfast from Burger King which came with coffee. Breakfast was ok but the coffee was vile. I chucked it in the bin after one mouthful.

Our flight was at 8.49am and would get us to Honolulu in plenty of time to collect our bags and check in for the flight back to Australia.

On the runway in Kahului


Leaving Maui




Maui is just as beautiful from the air




Flying past Molokai




Approaching Oahu


Once we landed in Honolulu it was just a matter of collecting our suitcases and finding the check in area for the flight home. We dropped off the suitcases and joined the TSA line and after that it was a long walk to our departure gate. On the way there we walked past this little oasis below us



When we got to our departure lounge it was still occupied by the passengers on an earlier flight than ours. What amazed me about this airport though was that there was no segregation between domestic and international passengers like at home. The departure area next to ours was for a flight to San Diego.

Our plane with Diamond Head in the background


The plane was a little late leaving it’s parking spot, it was due to leave at 1.20pm but left about 30 minutes later.

Heading out to the runway



Turning on to the runway with the plane in front of us taking off


Looking back at the planes lined up behind us – this is a busy airport


Up, up and away. A quick look at Diamond Head before turning to the right and heading back to Australia. I love that my last view of Hawaii was of Diamond Head.



Bye Hawaii. We had the most fantastic time and I really, really hope we get to see you again one day. We have other places to see first but I hope we can get back to you one day.

After about nine hours and an international date line later we landed in Brisbane at around 7.00pm on Thursday 2 June 2016. Brisbane time is 20 hours ahead of Hawaii time but the real difference is only four hours. When we landed at 7.00pm on Thursday night it was 11.00pm on Wednesday night in Hawaii. With only four hours difference we hoped there was going to be not much in the way of jet lag.

We will be in Brisbane for two nights before heading home to Perth on Saturday but before that we have some things to see and do here in Brissy.


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