the Fleetwood’s kind of day

Tuesday 31 May 2016

Today is our last full day in Maui and Hawaii before we fly home tomorrow. We are sad that the end is almost here and apparently Maui is sad too – it’s grey and rainy outside.

We have nothing planned for the day except going down to the laundry and doing a week’s worth of dirty washing …. Oh and we have tickets to a Mick Fleetwood show later.

In the laundry we chucked our washing in the machine and just hung around and waited. We met a couple from South Carolina and talked to them for a long time. Our Australian accent seems to draw a lot of people in and we end up meeting nice people and having great conversations.

After the washing was done we walked to Whaler’s Village to have a good look around and grab some lunch. Usually we just walked through the shops to get to the bus but this time we went there to see the shops.

I saw a wall hanging depicting the Hawaiian islands that I really wanted to buy and take home to hang on the wall in my new kitchen – but it was expensive (for me!) and large so I let it be. In the ABC store I bought about a dozen cheap Hawaiian key rings to take home and give out to people. My thongs were breaking so I bought two new pairs of Crocs thongs (not flip-flops! they are thongs in Australia)

We stopped to have some lunch and in another store a cup of barista coffee. I really miss the barista coffee that is everywhere at home and hardly anywhere here – I don’t really like the jug and urn coffee that seems to be everywhere here.

We went back to the hotel to pack our suitcases as we knew we would be in late tonight and we have an early pickup scheduled for tomorrow morning.

We got ready and put on our Aloha shirts – you really can’t go to Hawaii and not buy an Ahola shirt – and walked  back to Whalers to get the Maui bus to Lahaina. We then walked to Fleetwood’s on Front Street for our 5.30 dinner reservation and show afterwards.


The restaurant is usually on the rooftop but because of all the rain today it was too wet up there and had to be in the main bar area. For that reason the happy hour today was cancelled. There was also a store full of Fleetwood Mac memorabilia, an art gallery area and other items for sale. There were autographed Fleetwood Mac albums and even a really cute vintage convertible car on show and for sale.

I didn’t take this photo, just found it on the interwebs


We went up for dinner and had a fantastic meal with fantastic service. It was a little pricey but worth it for a nice dinner on our last night. This building is on the section of Front Street where there are no buildings, only ocean, across the road. I had a view of the ocean and Lanai from where I was sitting.

Towards the end of the meal we were given our wristbands for the Mick Fleetwood show and as we had a meal in the restaurants we also received wristbands for a meet and greet. WOW. Peter was absolutely stoked about that. The show is in the basement and we could go down there at 7.00pm for the meet and greet.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 18.58.24

Our wristbands for the show and the meet and greet


Another couple got there the same time as us and after we were let in we were first in line for the meet and greet. There were Fleetwood Mac albums for sale and if you bought them Mick Fleetwood would sign them for you. As Peter already had the albums we chose not to buy them just for a signature.

There was a photographer there who takes photos and posts them on Fleetwood’s Facebook page. She advised everybody waiting for the meet and greet that the photos would be up on Facebook the following day. She also said that though she couldn’t take photos of people with their own cameras or mobile phones, you could pass your camera to the person behind you in the line and get them to take a photo. Sounds like a good plan to me and luckily for me the person behind me was willing to do that for me. The photo taken of Peter by the photographer made it to the Facebook page but mine did not. The only photo I have is the one that the person behind me took.

Before the meet and greet was to start, Mick came over and chatted to us for a few minutes which was great. He asked us where we were from and all that stuff and how we found out about the place. I told him the story about the lady from the ice cream shop.

When it started he spent around 5-10 minutes talking about this place and how it reminded him of how bands started out playing in clubs in 50s and 60s. He talked a little about his childhood and his youth and a little about Fleetwood Mac and Christine McVie who had visited him on Maui. Then the photos started and as we were first in line Peter went up for his photo and then me. As he had already chatted with us we just had a photo. Everybody else in line had a little chat with him when they went up for their photo.




I am quite short but he is really, really tall


After our photo we went to the bar and had a few drinks as it was still a while before the show was due to start. The show started at about 9.00 with the support band. Willie K was on the bill to play but he wasn’t there and there was no explanation. I have had several people tell me he is brilliant but unfortunately we didn’t get to find out.








After the support band finished Mick came on stage and talked some more before the main show




The main show started at 10.00 with Mick on drums and Rick Vito on guitar and lead vocal. Two of the guys from the support band also played in the main show.

They played some of  the old Fleetwood Mac, the original blues style music as well as a lot of other blues music. Songs of note were Albatross and Black Magic Woman.





















Mick’s Solo part 1

Mick part 1


Mick’s solo part 2

Mick part 2


This guy came on to sing a couple of songs (I can’t remember his name)


The show ended with a Mick speech … and then there was an encore









And at around 11.40pm the show was finished, finished.



The show was epic! Fantastic! What an awesome way to finish our holiday in Hawaii. I had a really, really happy man. It also didn’t take him long to show off his photos with Mick Fleetwood on Facebook.

It was almost midnight by the time we got out and it took about ten minutes to find a taxi. We shared a taxi with a woman from New York who was staying at our hotel. It was a late night and we had a 5.30am pickup in the morning to the airport.





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