the hanging out in Lahaina day

Sunday 29 May 2016

Today the only thing we have planned is to go to Lahaina, walk around, window shop and eat. All we have seen of the historical Lahaina so far is a little before and after our Molokai trip yesterday.

I had a little sleep in, though Peter went for an early morning walk along the beach path. I am not sure where he went but he collected a couple of nice photos.




After breakfast in the hotel restaurant which was not really worth the price they charged, we walked to Whaler’s Village and caught the bus to Lahaina. The route ends at the Wharf Cinema Centre at the rear of the building which you can walk through to the gorgeous Front Street, very close to the harbour. We wandered through the shops there for a little while before heading out to Front Street.



Directly across the road from Wharf Centre is the Banyan Tree. This weekend there was an art fair and there was some great artwork there.




The Old Lahaina Courthouse has two entrances, one facing the ocean, the other the Banyan tree.


On display is this old Hawaiian flag which flew over the courthouse until 1898. The eight stripes are for each of the main Hawaiian islands.


This view of the Banyan tree was taken from the upstairs ladies bathroom window at the rear of the courthouse.



These were taken from the upstairs window facing the ocean




We spent a while looking at the various artworks under the tree. It was quite a warm day so Peter went across to the ABC store and got us some drinks while I had a look at some of the stores in the bottom of the Pioneer Inn building.


On the Front Street side of the building I sat on a bench seat outside an ice cream shop and waited for him. An older lady was walking by giving out ice cream samples and we got talking. I had some ice cream samples and she also recommended their shaved ice.

After Peter arrived with the drinks she mentioned Fleetwood Mac and asked if we went to one of their concerts when they toured Australia a few months earlier. Then she mentioned that Mick Fleetwood had a restaurant a little further down Front Street – we had walked past this the night before but didn’t think anything of it. She also mentioned that he played a show there the previous night – Peter was disappointed that he didn’t know about it as he would have loved to have been there.

We left our ice cream lady friend and started down the street and browsing the shops.


More beautiful old buildings, this is the Baldwin Home Museum





There’s a jewellery store in here where I bought myself a souvenir of Hawaii. I don’t like tacky souvenirs but I wanted something as a momento of our trip. Before we left home Peter found a website, Charms of Aloha, which had charms available for purchase through a few stores in the islands. I found the charm for my Pandora bracelet that I was looking for right here. I love my dark Tiki charm. I also became friendly and had a great conversation with the woman in the jewellery store.


While I was buying my tiki charm Peter had wandered up the road somewhere ahead of me. He had found his way up to Fleetwood’s on Front Street and was impatiently waiting for me. He had been speaking to somebody working at Fleetwood’s and found out there would be another show on Tuesday night, the tickets would be going on sale later on this afternoon. Tuesday would be our last full day in Hawaii so we could just make this work.


We continued on wandering the streets going in and out of shops just looking. I must say there are a lot of galleries on this street but I just walked past all of them.





The building with the American flag is Fleetwood’s.


Across the road from Fleetwood’s there are no buildings, just a view of the ocean. From here you can see the boats in the harbour in the distance




Back on the other side of the road we found the place where he had dinner the night before which seemed to be very popular



The old Lahaina Inn





We kept walking for a little while, looking for the restaurant where Peter wanted to have lunch




We found Kimo’s and stopped for a late-ish lunch, there was about a 15 minute wait which we spent at the bar


Lunch with a view of the ocean and Lanai


There was hula pie ….. and then there wasn’t


After lunch there were more gorgeous buildings begging me to take photos of them






Yabba Dabba Doooooo !!!! …. I found Fred and Barney






The outlets are in the blue buildings on the left and the Maui bus stop is on the right. If you are coming from Whalers Village this is the last stop before the Wharf Cinema Centre, likewise it is the first stop coming from Wharf Cinema going to Whalers Village.

We spent an hour or so going through the outlets here but didn’t buy anything. There was also a Hilo Hatties store here and they were giving out shell leis to everybody who entered the store.


When we left the outlets we caught the bus back to Wharf Cinema Centre as I wanted to buy a bag I had seen earlier to use for carry on for the plane trip home. I usually just use a back pack but my suitcase was getting a little full and heavy. After buying the bag we caught the next bus back to Whalers Village and walked back to the hotel.

Back in our hotel room Peter went on Fleetwood’s web site and nabbed us some tickets for the show on Tuesday night. He also called the restaurant and made a reservation for dinner. Then he had to call Hula Grill and cancel the reservation we made earlier in the week for Tuesday night.

Screen Shot 2016-09-14 at 18.58.24

Our hotel has a free hula show and band playing nearly every night and tonight was the first time we had the chance to see the hula show. We decided to just have a snack from the Tiki Grill as we had a big lunch at Kimo’s.




The hula show lasts for an hour but the band keep playing for longer. We stayed for a little while then went back to our room. We have another early start tomorrow morning.


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