the bye-bye Kona, hello Maui day

Wednesday 25 May 2016

There is only one week of our holiday left and that week will be spent in Maui starting from today. Our flight leaves Kona at 12.42pm and arrives Kahului 1.17pm.

Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 19.37.20

I went for an early morning walk along the beach in front of the hotel to get some photos I hadn’t got around to yet.




The Kailua-Kona pier is hard to miss and so is this replica of a sacred site, temple





I like tikis


There was a random guy there and he offered to take my photo. I couldn’t be bothered with my usual, “no thanks, I hate photos of myself” spiel, so I just let him take the photo. Turned out ok, I guess.


After my little walk I went to the laundry where Peter was doing washing. He had also got us a coffee and muffin. When the washing was finished and we got back to our room to pack our bags I looked out the balcony and saw this beautiful sight – this is the cruise that departed Honolulu on 21 May, the day our cruise finished. I could already see some passengers walking along the beach front and temple area with their cameras.




We took a taxi to Kona airport around 10.30am. The airport is open air so there is no terminal buildings for check in, just a roof and no walls. Just as well there was a roof because it was a rainy day. In fact, the whole time in Kona every tour guide we had told us that Kona was very dry and Hilo was very wet. Well, Kona had quite a bit of rain while we were there and even more so the day we left.

We checked in for our flight then went through security. We are used to Peter always having to remove his shoes, or his belt or something, he nearly always has to go through the scanner thing again. This time however, whatever he removed the thing would still beep red, so in the end they dragged him off to a separate area to frisk him and do a closer check. It turned out that the RFID passport holder that was in his hand with his passport inside, was probably the culprit and setting off the red light on the scanner thingy. He won’t be doing that again.

So after we he eventually cleared security we found some place to have lunch. I had nachos with kalua pork which was so yummy. Peter had this interesting gastronomic delight.




I would expect that an open air airport in a normally dry place is a great thing, today was a bit wet at the departure gate





Bye Kona




Hello Maui. I love from the plane I can see waterfalls flowing into the ocean




It was raining coming in for landing at Kahului airport


I booked return transport with Roberts between Kahului airport and the Kaanapali Beach Hotel. While I was in the toilet Peter caught up to a woman who had a sign with my name on it, when I joined them we went to the luggage carousel and waited,  waited, and waited for our bags. There were about eight people in the mini bus to west Maui and I got to ride shotgun, my favourite spot because of the better views.





We arrived at out hotel and our room was ready so we were able to go straight there. The room was a decent size and there was a coffee maker in the bathroom! I paid for a pool view room but was disappointed as we couldn’t really see the pool at all


I was going to complain but I looked in the other direction and got distracted


I remembered later that I never did get around to that complaint. (Just in case you thought I was serious, I wasn’t, I would never have made a complaint about something trivial like that.)

This is the view I could see from the bed.


That’s the island of Molokai you can see in the background


We stayed in the room for a while settling in and contacting family, that sort of thing. Later we went for a walk along the Kaanapali Beachwalk to the Whalers Village shopping centre which was only a 5 to 10 minute walk away, depending on how slow I walk and how many other people are blocking the footpath. It is a really nice path going between the hotels and the beach for a great walk and view.

Looking south, you can see the island of Lanai in the background.



Looking north towards Black Rock with a glimpse of Molokai behind the grey clouds


We walked around Whalers Village doing some window shopping while dodging the time share sellers. There is this whale skeleton at the front, road side entrance to Whalers Village. This is also where you can catch the public Maui bus which we did a few times over the next few days.


There was a lot of construction going happening and we had trouble deciding where to eat. Hula Grill and Leilani’s were both packed and I didn’t feel like waiting so we ended up having a huge slice of pizza for $5 in the small food court area in the lower level. Afterwards we walked back to the hotel and ready to start our Maui adventures in the morning.


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