the bye-bye cruise, hello Kona day

Saturday 21 May 2016

I woke up today feeling a little sad that the cruise is over and a little happy that the next stage in our holiday is about to begin. I looked out the balcony and saw Honolulu not too far away – it looked like it might be raining.


I think Diamond Head is my favourite sight in Honolulu


We showered, packed our suitcases and went to breakfast. For the first time we didn’t have breakfast in the Aloha Cafe but went to the main dining room, the Skyline Restaurant. We took our time as we weren’t in a hurry to disembark. I kept thinking things like, this is our last breakfast on the cruise, this is the last time we’ll be in our cabin, this is the last time on our balcony and so on and so on. I will definitely be looking at doing another cruise again one day, perhaps in two years time when we go to New York I will see if I can squeeze a Caribbean cruise in.

I booked transport with Roberts for just $7.00 each from the port to the airport. We left the ship not long after 8.00am taking our bags with us and we could basically walk right on through to where we first entered the passenger terminal on day one of the cruise. It was great not having to go looking for our suitcases in the area where they were laid out. We found and checked in with the Roberts person, waited for about 15 minutes, were soon loaded on the bus and headed to the airport.

By the time we checked in for our flight and gone through security we were very early for our 12.04pm flight to Kona. We had a long wait but after we had seen news reports during our week in Waikiki about the long TSA lines and missed flights, we were just happy not to have any problems. I think we saw another two flights go to Kona before ours.

Finally it was time for our flight and it was a long ride from the plane’s parking spot to the departure runway though there were some nice ocean views on the way there.



Taking off from Honolulu at last but I was disappointed to be on the right hand side of the plane and not able to see Diamond Head


Not long after take off we were given a drink by the air hosties and not long after that we were getting ready to land. I mean, what? We had just taken off and were landing already. I checked the time and found we were only in flight for around 25 minutes. This was the shortest flight I have ever been on.

Coming in to land in Kona




Kona is an open air airport with roofs, a few walls and not many enclosed areas. We walked right past the people lining up to board the plane we had just vacated, and through to get our bags. We caught a taxi to our hotel, known as the King Kam.



This hotel is in a perfect location, right across from the pier and on a sheltered beach cove. We got to the hotel before check in time but a room was ready for us as we were checking in. I was impressed by how large the room was and there were two queen size beds, plenty of room.





From the room and the balcony we had a pretty good view of the area by the pier and the sheltered beach in front of the hotel



From the balcony we could get a pretty good view of Kona



The ground floor of the hotel building has some shops and a few exhibits showing the history of the Hawaiian people


The hotel’s bar, pool and spa area



We walked to the pier because it looked like there might be something happening. It looked like the canoe club had an event, there were food stall and market stalls. We grabbed something to eat and checked out the stalls. We then wandered across the road to check out some shops and ended up going back to the ABC located in the hotel building to get something to have for our dinner before going back to our room. We had a long, exhausting week on the cruise and just wanted a little time to laze around in the room.

Later we went to the hotel laundry and did our washing. We had a week’s worth of dirty clothes and no clean clothes to wear tomorrow.

We didn’t do much today but that was a good thing, we needed a rest day after the last two weeks.


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