the happy birthday cruise day

Saturday 14 May 2016

Yay! Today is cruise day! Today is Peter’s birthday. Today is cruise day!

Leading up to the cruise I was stalking the Pride of America, well I was checking out it’s webcam. I worked out that it was docking around 6.20-6.30am on Saturday mornings and judging by the direction she was sailing into Honolulu from there was a good chance we would be able to spot her on her way in to port. Not long before we left home the link to the webcam stopped working (I found one here that seems to work).

I woke up early, around 5.50am and looking through the balcony and was disappointed that I couldn’t see her. I got up and pottered around for a little then looked out and there she was. It’s not that great a photo, taken zoomed in, but I was excited to see her.


We watched her for a little while and then went out to breakfast. As it was our last day in Honolulu and also being Peter’s birthday we actually had more for breakfast than coffee and a muffin. We went to Eggs ‘n Things at their Waikiki restaurant which was very, very close to our hotel and very popular. There was a line but it only took about 10 minutes to get a table which luckily was by the window. By the time we were seated the line was down to the footpath. We were just in time to see the POA go sailing by and out of sight. She seemed to be a little later than normal arriving at port.

Breakfast was delicious. Peter had an omelette and I had to try a waffle, though there was too much cream.



We returned to our hotel room to pack and get organised for the cruise. The street was closed off for a little while for a parade so we watched it from the balcony. The parade wasn’t anything much though and it wasn’t too long before traffic was allowed through again. We checked out about 10.45 and took a taxi to pier 2. Almost at the pier and seeing this in front of us was really exciting. This was our first  cruise and we couldn’t wait for it to start.


We were soon in the passenger terminal and handing over our suitcases. At the last minute I decided to hand over my carryon bag as I really didn’t want to carry it around for hours until we could get into our cabin. Then it was time to join the line for check in.


After check in we were given a lei and had our embarkation photo taken. Surprisingly, I actually don’t mind these photos.



We waited a few minutes and then it was our turn to board the ship – and time for a boarding photo. This photo was a real one and not in front of a green screen.


Looking toward the pointy end.


Looking toward the fat end.



Stepping on board and I was like “Wow”. She was amazing and looked beautiful.



By the time we boarded it was about 11.50am. We stayed in the atrium area on deck 5 for a little while and then went to explore and find some lunch. We took the lift up to deck 11 where the buffet is.

The Aloha Cafe where we ended up having most of our meals and though there is the inside seating we almost always ate on the back deck which was also a great place to be at sail away.



The Aloha lanai where we had a lot of meals and the Aloha Lanai bar



We had lunch and sat on the deck for a while just soaking it all in. Then we went exploring. There’s no point sitting around waiting to be allowed to go to your cabin when there’s a whole big ship to explore. Most of these photos were taken today, but some were taken later. As we were already on deck 11 I started from there and went up.

Deck 11 – the pool. Looking down the pool and the deck above is the Key West Bar and Grill area


Deck 11 – the Ocean Drive bar by the pool and the conservatory behind it


Deck 11 – the conservatory


Deck 11 – Moderno which is specialty dining and not included in the fare



Deck 11 – La Cucina, specialty dining


Deck 11 – the Goldrush Saloon


Deck 11 -table tennis


Deck 12 – Oasis Pool looking up to the Waikiki Bar on Deck 13


Deck 12 – Fitness centre. There is also the teen club, kids club, hair salon and spa salon on this deck but I never went there so don’t have any photos.


Deck 12 – chess, or draughts, whatever you fancy



Looking down from deck 12 at the refuelling barge


Deck 13 – the Waikiki Bar is the only place on the boat where you can smoke. I never went there.


Deck 13 – shuffleboard, I think. Never played it and have no idea what it’s about.


Deck 13 – golf driving range


Deck 14 – basketball court


Deck 14 – sun deck


Higher than deck 14 – looking down on deck 14, seating area and cabanas above the deck 13 suites that overlook the pool


Deck 14 – inside the cabanas


About as high as we could go – deck 15 or so


Decks 4, 7, 8, 9 and 10 only have cabins. Deck 3 has the medical centre and the gangway to exit the ship when in port. There are only two lifts that go to deck 3 and these are in the mid section. There are four lifts in the mid section and the two that go to deck 3 are not glass lifts you can see from the atrium.

Deck 5 – Hollywood Theatre



Deck 5 – Newbury Street Shops



Dec 5 – Souvenir shop where we bought a lanyard for our ship card. The guy punched a hole in the card and we could then wear the cards. I loved the Hawaiian map in the window of the souvenir shop.



Deck 5 – Perspectives studio and photo gallery


Deck 5 – the John Adams coffee bar in the atrium and a model of the POA nearby



Deck 5 – Jefferson’s Bistro, specialty dining


Deck 5 – the walkway to the main dining rooms, Jefferson’s Bistro is on the right. In the long walkway is the Future Cruise desk and there is also an art competition thing.


Deck 5 – main dining room, Skyline Restaurant


Deck 6 – the other, more formal, main dining room, Liberty Restaurant


The staircase between the Skyline and Liberty restaurants


Deck 6 – Cagney’s Steakhouse, specialty dining


Deck 6 – Napa Wine Bar, which was also our muster station for the drill and for emergencies


Deck 6 – Cadillac diner, 24 hour restaurant



Deck 6 – Looking down the atrium to deck 5


Deck 6


Deck 6 – Pink’s Champagne Bar


Deck 6 – Library and internet cafe


Deck 6 – Shuffles Card room


Deck 6 – Art Gallery


Deck 6 – Mardi Gras Cabaret and Night Club



I think that’s enough photos for one page, to be continued…


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