the happy birthday cruise day, continued

Saturday 14 May 2016

Deck 6 – Promenade Deck on the starboard side


Deck 6 – Promenade deck on the port side there was a tender/lifeboat on display, though the ones used for tendering on Kona day had better seats



Then finally around 3.00pm we were allowed to go to our cabin. We had heard announcements for people on other decks being able to go to their cabins but it was never ours. We were finally able to go when they announced for all remaining decks.  Up we went to deck 10 and our balcony cabin. While we were here our room steward came in a gave Peter a birthday card voucher for a birthday cake.






Looking down on the promenade deck from our balcony


Geez, I love Diamond Head


We left to go to the emergency drill at 4.30 which started a little while later. You don’t want to miss the drill because if you do you have to make it up the following day when there are far better things to do in Maui than do an emergency drill.

We went back up to the Aloha cafe for a little bit of food and to grab a good table for sail away. The were several US Coast Guard boats going around the ship just before sail away.



Then finally it started, sail away was happening.





Sailing away from Honolulu


Goodbye Diamond Head


Long after it went dark we stayed on the Aloha deck and enjoyed the night air and the feeling of being at sea. There was a Hawaiian duo playing guitar and singing and it was very pleasant just sitting there.

I booked us for a Teppenyaki dinner show at 9.30pm. I didn’t want earlier sittings as I didn’t want to miss sail away and watching Honolulu being left behind. It was late and there wasn’t a full table but we had fun.





Happy birthday to you


We were too full after dinner to have the birthday cake so we saved it for another day.


4 thoughts on “the happy birthday cruise day, continued

  1. Your blog is wonderful! We leave on the POA in 18 days and your pictures have been so helpful! Can’t wait to read the rest! Thanks for taking the time to do this–I know it’s time-consuming, but greatly appreciated!

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