my first blog post

I love to travel but I don’t get to do it as often as I would like. This photo is from our most recent overseas trip to Aonang Beach in Krabi, Thailand in September 2015. That was a trip to avoid any fuss for my big five-oh. I got what I wanted – no fuss.


This photo is from our most recent trip within Australia – to Darwin in February / March 2016 to celebrate our 24th anniversary on 29 February. This was taken at the Yellow Water Billabong boat ride in Kakadu National Park. I love this photo so much I had it made into a huge canvas print (100cm x 75cm) and it now hangs on the wall in the lounge room.


On this blog I want to write down my travel experiences and share some photos.  With time, I would also like to go back to my earliest trips 30 years ago, scan and share those photos too.

This will not just have posts and photos about my travels, I will also include other things like family and opinion posts (warning!). I can get lazy though and I am a major league procrastinator though I do have intentions of following through. Let’s see how that works out.



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